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Rustbuster Zinc Rich Anode Primer


EPOXY-ANODE zinc rich epoxy primer offers the very best in Cathodic and Barrier protection to blast cleaned steel or power tool cleaned.

Epoxy-Anode is a self-repairing primer containing 93% Zinc solids bound into an epoxy resin.

If a scratch appears on the steel that goes through the topcoat and primer back to bare metal the zinc in the primer will react with the steel, this reaction will form zinc salts that will heal the scratch maintain the barrier and the steel will not rust.(Cathodic Protection)

Product Description

2 Pack epoxy zinc rich primer

Pack Description

Epoxy anode comes in a 1.25 ltr pack enough to cover 10 square meters, complete with Base Hardener and 250 ml of thinners - epoxy anode is an isocyanate free primer.

Mix Ratio

4 parts A (Zinc) to one (1) part B hardener by volume.


Coverage 10 m 2 per Ltr

Application Temperature

Can be applied to steel as low as - 5 degree C. The steel must be at least 3 degrees above the current dew point.


Use only the Epoxy thinner supplied, 5 - 20% max.


Brush or Spray on a blast cleaned surface.


Minimum 1.8 nozzle or a HB primer set up test atomisation on a test panel first. Viscosity will vary i.e. thicker in colder temperatures. All data is at 20 degree C.

Pot Life

Pot Life: You have around 2.5 hours pot life once mixed (at 20 degree C) longer at colder temperatures.

Shelf Life

If stored upside down in a dry store at around 20 degree C the product will last unmixed for 12 months.


Allow the mix to cure in your mixing cup and throw away as dry waste.


Clean up with standard thinner or gun ash, do not thin the coating with standard thinner as this will affect the paint cure.


Use in a well-ventilated atmosphere, use a respirator face mask when spraying or brushing in an enclosed space. Refer to Safety Data Sheet.

Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye protection