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Safer Rust Remover  

This highly effective near PH neutral rust remover will remove surface rust from ferrous metal and stainless steel.

Non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-toxic acid free (ph8). Safer Rust remover will remove heavily pitted rust when used as a dipping solution.

Original casting marks and seams are revealed as new when the remover has finished slowly eating away at each layer of rust right down to a molecular lever.

One of the benefits in using a Safer Rust Remover is the removal of doubt if you have mixed metal components, Safer rust remover will clean them all without risk of harm.

You can even place whole assemblies into the safer rust remover it will not damage rubber or gasket material!!

Product Description

A clear liquid that will dissolve rust and is safe with rubber and plastic.

Directions of Use

Works best at room temperatures 20-30c, cold temperatures will slow down the removal process. A fish tank heater will speed up the process considerably.

Dilute the concentrated formula 4 parts deionised water to 1 parts Safer Rust remover. Pour Safer Rust remover in to a container and place component to strip into the fluid solution. Check the progress of components regularly and remove rust sludge with a nylon bristle brush.

Heavily rusted items will require immersion for a number of weeks.


Brushes and equipment used can be washed clean in fresh water. Rustbuster do not recommend re-using these brushes into different liquids/paints


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, apron, eye and face protection.

Safer Rust Remover