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Phos-kleen B, is a Phosphoric acid based surface treatment for application to steel surfaces prior to painting.

Phos-Kleen B, will phosphate the steels surface and passivate any rust spots within the steels micropours, the rust will be chemically changed into iron phosphate and completely neutralised.

Phos-Kleen B is used for light surface rust removal prior to painting open surfaces/body panels.

Prior to applying paint to Phos-Kleen B neutralise and remove any phosphate salts by washing down with Rustbuster Chlor-X DTS salt remover prior to priming

Phos-Kleen B will leave the surface a slightly darker grey colour and will preserve the finish for several months prior to painting.

Phosphating is generally accepted as the most effective method of keeping a steel surface rust free.

Rustbuster Phos-Kleen B Phosphating Solution Phos-Kleen B test sample

Product Description

A clear liquid high grade of phosphoric acid and industrial strength soaps.

Directions of Use

Apply to surface sparingly by brush or spray bottle or Scotchbrite pad and allow time for the product to work and dry. Once applied the metal will have a blue grey colour. When the surface is dry wash with fresh water or Rustbuster Chlor-X to remove surface dry salts (white Powder) that may have formed on the horizontal surfaces. The surface is now ready to paint.


Brushes and equipment used can be washed clean in fresh water. However once used in Phos-Kleen B we would not recommend using these brushes into any other liquid/paint.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, mask, eye and face protection.