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Fe-123 is a modern formula rust converter, safe to use with fantastic results.

fe-123 envelopes rust at a molecular level, developing into a neutral layer which exists between the steel's surface and the atmosphere. This neutral layer prevents the migration of ions so that no chemical reaction can occur at the metal's surface.

fe-123 Rust Converter

Product Description

White in colour surface rust converter, once conversion has taken place fe-123 will turn to a purple grey colour.

Direction of Use

Pour a small amount of fe-123 into a separate container so not to allow contamination.

Apply fe-123 sparingly by brush directly to surface rust working into the metal. Allow the product around 15-60 minutes to convert (time taken will depend on the temperature) once converted you can paint/wax straight over.

Once converted fe-123 will turn Purple Grey if this doesn’t happen there may not have been enough oxides present for the conversion to happen, alternatively it could also be to cold.


Brushes and containers can be washed out in fresh water


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye protection