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Rustbuster Cold Galvanising Paint


A Zinc rich self-healing Coating for the repair of Galvanised metal. It can also be used as a protective coating in its own right when applied direct to clean steel.

Use to patch and repair rust patches on Galvanised steel. Remove rust with a wire brush or flap wheel grinder, back to bare steel. Apply direct to the steel for an excellent protective barrier Cathodic Protection. Use after drilling cutting or welding Galvanised steel. Applying by brush to all of the cut edges.

Remove all traces of dirt grease and rust before application.

Product Description

Single pack high solids Zinc rich primer

Pack Description

Cold Galvanising Paint is available in 1Ltr & 2Ltr packs


Coverage 10 m 2 per Ltr

Application Temperature

Can be applied to steel as low as - 5deg C. The steel must be at least 3 degrees above the current dew point. (see Dew point calculator on this site)


Brush or Spray , Always stir well before use


1.5-3.0mm Nozzle orifice, Nozzle Pressure 0.2-0.3 MPa (approx. 2-3bar, 29-44PSI) Product can be thinner up to 25% with Cold Galv Thinner

Shelf Life

If stored upside down in a dry store at around 20deg C the product will last unmixed for a year, officially the shelf life is 9 months.


Clean up with Cold Galvanising Thinner


Use in a well-ventilated atmosphere, use a respirator face mask when spraying or brushing in an enclosed space. Refer to Safety Data Sheet.

Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye protection