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Rustbuster Protect UVR Chassis Topcoat


Protect UVR is an extremely high performance two part high gloss VOC Compliant Epoxy Acrylic finish, providing an excellent topcoat for any of our epoxy primer systems. This topcoat can be used over EM121 Epoxy Mastic. Custom 421 Primer and Zinc Rich Primers.

Protect UVR is superior to other epoxy topcoats in that it offers a higher level of colour quality and sheen retention. Unlike traditional epoxies and conventional paints this colour and sheen won't fade over time and exposure to UV light. Traditional Epoxies can tend to chalk overtime when exposed to UV light and lighter colours can yellow when hidden from UV light, tricky balancing act! Well not anymore, Protect UVR is both UV stable and Non yellowing.

The standard colour is black you can enquire about any other colour in RAL or BS standard colours.

Colour and Gloss retention superior to standard epoxy coatings and topcoats.